Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should I retain my tax records?
A: The answer depends upon which type of return is filed, and which transactions are reported.  Please refer to the IRS guidance by clicking here.

Q: How can I check the status of my refund?
A: The IRS provides a useful tool which can be used to check the status of your refund here.

Q: The IRS made an adjustment to my account and sent me a bill.  Should I just pay it?
A: IRS notices can be very intimidating, but never pay a proposed balance due without consulting with us first.  Many of these notices are automatically generated, and are the result of a conflict between the information reported on the original return, and that of a third-party (employer, brokerage, etc.).  Verifying where this “miscommunication” has occurred, will provide a firm basis for an appropriate response.

Q: I don’t have time to meet.  What are my other options for providing you my tax information?
A: As an alternative to sending tax-related information via shipping (USPS, FedEx, etc.), email or fax, we have established a secure portal from which digital documents may be shared between us.  We highly recommend our portal over email, as it adds a layer of security which many times isn’t present within emailed data.  We never recommend sending any sensitive data to us (W-2’s, 1099’s, tax organizers, etc.) via email.  At your request, a unique account can be set up for free by us typically in just a few minutes, and is available immediately 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Please contact us for further information, or click here to log into your established account.

Q: I filed an extension for my taxes.  When is the extended deadline again?
A: The answer depends upon which information return you intend to file.  An extension filed for form 1040 generally expires October 15th for the applicable tax-year.  For corporate returns, the six-month extension generally extends a filing deadline to September 15th, and partnership returns can be extended five-months which generally expires September 15th for the applicable tax-year.  You may search the IRS website for more detailed deadline information.

Q: I lost the envelopes you provided to mail my IRS 1040-V payment voucher, and estimated tax vouchers.  Where should I send them?
A: A list of mailing addresses for most IRS filings can be found here.

Q: I’m in a rush, and would like to file my tax returns as soon as possible.  Can’t you just efile them before I send back the authorization forms to you?
A: No.  You must be allowed the opportunity to review any IRS and/or state reporting document, prior to electronic transmission by us.  Signed and dated authorization forms certify that you have reviewed your information for accuracy, and also provides your approval for filing.  These authorization forms must be received by us prior to electronic filing of any information return on your behalf.  You have received a postage-paid return envelope for your authorization forms with a copy of your income tax return, but as a more timely alternative you may upload the document(s) to your PortalSafe account.

Q: I cannot pay my IRS liability in full by the due date.  What can I do?
A: This is a common occurrence, and should not inspire procrastination.  We recommend reviewing the following IRS guidance concerning Installment Agreement Requests and Payment Plans as a possible solution.  As we prepare your income tax return, we routinely suggest tax-planning measures in order to prevent a large income tax liability in the future.  These estimates are based upon known information from prior year(s), which means it is important that you notify us of any present unusual or infrequent income-related items which may impact your taxes during the next filing season.  Remember to always file your income tax returns by the due date, or extended due date to avoid further penalties

Q: I’m refinancing my home, and can’t find copies of my income tax returns.  Can you email them to me or my underwriter?
A: In a continued effort to guard your sensitive information and help prevent complacency regarding private data, we will no longer email encrypted income tax return information.  However, the requested digital copies may be accessed by you through your established portal account.  Once your account is established, you must take measures to safeguard your login information from outside parties.  Uploaded files will be available to you for three-months from the date of your request.  Your signed consent will be necessary prior to us sharing any information with a third party.

Q: It’s only a week from the tax deadline, and I haven’t provided my information to you.  What can I do?
A: Depending upon the return type, we will need sufficient time to assess the completeness of your tax data, and compile an accurate income tax return.  If the timeframe provided does not allow for an accurate return preparation, we will suggest an extension of time to file.  Throughout the year, please remain aware of your filing obligations/deadlines and allow us an appropriate timeframe within which to provide the best possible service.